How to be Wild

It's Time to Be Wild

How to be Wild

It's Time to Be Wild

This website addresses a few reasons why you may want to learn how to be wild and it also offers a guide to get started.

Before you view the reasons, it's important to understand what makes us no longer - wild. "Socially acceptable behaviors", also known as social norms, are one of the main components that essentially, "rob us of our wild". These behaviors are instilled in us from birth, and because they're "instilled" in us, we can't just shut them off, when we want to.

With that said, let's look at three reasons why you may want to learn how to be wild.

Reason 1 - Socially acceptable behaviors make us "less interesting", as individuals. The website: explains how we've become less interesting and therefore "less sexy". It also offers a few examples as proof. While this reason is significant, you probably won't want to devote the time and effort of learning how to be wild, just for this reason.

Reason 2 - Socially acceptable behaviors also cause us stress and anxiety. The website: offers a correlation of a free-spirited feeling most of us have felt in our past, with the feeling of being wild. While this reason is even more significant, many people may still not devote the time and effort of learning how to be wild for this reason. But there's one more reason.

Reason 3 - The last reason discussed on this website, to consider learning how to be wild, is for you and your family, to have - "a better life".

If artificial intelligence robots do end up doing a majority, if not all the jobs people do, many of us may be left - not poor, but penniless.

Without money means learning how to live with only materials that are freely available. Since civilizations originated over 5,000 years ago, for most of us - living a "wild" lifestyle, won't be an easy thing to do. is a website about the coming of age of artificial intelligence and the dilemma it could possibly cause.

While most people believe we have quite some time before anything like this could happen, it's important to understand that rekindling your "wild", also takes quite some time. If this situation does happen, those that did not prepare and learn the necessary skills, will likely join the many who wander the streets.

The Wizard of Wild recommends for everyone that is capable, to "start your journey"; for even if the above-mentioned situation never happens, a) you'll have the peace of mind, knowing you have the skills to provide for yourself and your family, should it ever become necessary, b) you can teach your children or grandchildren the skills you've acquired, and c) in addition to reaping the above-mentioned benefits of reasons one and two, wild animals have been known to have special senses: by sharpening your senses and heightening your awareness, you may be able to determine: "real or robot" if robot manufacturers do make them - indistinguishable.

Now that you understand the importance of "being wild", take a look at an exclusive guide that prepares your mind, body and soul - for this journey.

Available Online or in Paperback

This 5 x 8 inch, 30 page easy-to-read guide, provides a 7-step plan on how to unlock your animal instincts and rekindle some of your most precious attribute - your primal wild.

TERMS OF USE: Read this guide in its entirety before doing any steps; this guide is for your personal use only; a competent adult, 18 years of age or older must be present at the last step, detoxification; individuals with medical conditions or disabilities, may or may not be able to perform the steps in this guide; you understand, your use of this guide, is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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It's Time to Be Wild

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It's Time to be Wild

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The Trilogy

Each of these websites offer the viewer a reason to consider rekindling his or her wild. Bookmark each site, so you can easily pass them on to friends.

The "It's Time to be Wild" Trilogy

Each of these websites offer the viewer a reason to consider rekindling his or her wild. Bookmark each site, so you can easily pass them on to friends.

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