How to be Wild

Dependent upon Civilization

How to be Wild

Dependent upon Civilization

If you, your family members, or close friends have a medical condition or disability that you believe will prevent you or them from performing the 7-steps in the It's Time to be Wild guide, or live a "wild" lifestyle even for a temporary period of time, understand - this website is merely an opinion of The Wizard of Wild: it is quite possible, nothing will drastically change with our civilization.

There is also a possibility, if a company does achieve "AGI" (Artificial General Intelligence as referred to here as the specific type of artificial intelligence that enables a machine to equal or exceed the general intelligence of a human with the capability to learn and improve itself), it may do good things with the new knowledge. But this would depend upon a lot of things, such as the type of entity that achieves it; whether it's a non-profit corporation such as an educational institution; whether it's a for-profit corportion that can be publicly traded or privately owned; whether it's another type of entity, and other factors.

The Wizard of Wild believes if AGI is achieved, it will probably be achieved by a successful publicly traded corporation with a current interest in AI technologies because these types of companies are currently investing large amounts of money in AI research and development to enhance their products or services; and these types of companies also have the significant resources to invest.

If this belief turns out to be correct, then the possibility of whether the company may do good things with the new knowledge, could also depend on the "values" of the CEO and whether the CEO of this corporation has a "controlling interest" or whether the CEO has to answer to a board of directors. For example, if a CEO that doesn't have a controlling interest, uses the intelligence to cure the sick, the shareholder's may say - "Hey wait a minute, I didn't invest my money to cure the sick: I invested my money, to make money." The shareholders with voting rights could then vote for board members that would satisfy their wishes. The board could then replace the current CEO with a new CEO to act in the shareholders' interests.

If a corporation does achieve AGI and "money" does outweigh "values", The Wizard of Wild believes the only thing most of us can do to delay losing our jobs, is to "work hard": we can try to be more cost effective than the cost of the robots will be to our employers.

However, not even considering the unnecessary, but required expenses an employer is burdened with (with employing people), such as payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, possibly medical insurance, and any overhead associated with reporting and complying with these expenses, the fact that people need wages for the basic necessities to work productively in civilization, such as food, shelter and commuting expenses, where as robots won't; is why The Wizard of Wild believes, most of us, if not all, will eventually be replaced.

While our future may not be so encouraging, the thought of working hard may be: for there was a time in this country, when a certain group of people were forced to work hard. The descendants of these people, now "reap the benefits of the hard work their ancestors endured". Many of them today are, are no doubt, the best athletes of our time and many possess the best bodies. So the thought that we are probably going to have to work very hard to compete against our mechanical friends, may not be such a bad thing after all.

The bottom line is - if you, your family members, or close friends can't perform the 7-step plan as described in the It's Time to be Wild guide, then having a savings account will likely be of utmost importance if a scenario like what is mentioned above, does happen. Therefore, it will probably be a good idea to do what you can to save money, learn as much as you can on how to minimize your expenses, and if you can: work hard, work hard, work hard.

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